Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Modern Cutchogue Creekfront

Our Clients have out-shined their dated cluttered early 80's builders kitchen

After recently purchasing an updated refrigerator our clients saw just how desperate the yer in need of an update.  Our clients are year round residents in the home and had a hard time determining the extent of a project they were willing to endure while still maintaining their year round status.

Through creative planning and design Cabinets Plus was able to transform the kitchen.  By utilizing custom cabinetry and accessories a kitchen was designed in the existing space minimizing the construction aspect of the project and keeping the clients on site

The result is a sleek modern design with a high percentage gain of storage and preparation space, or clients love for their new kitchen is only second to their passion for cooking.

Mattituck - Beach Cottage

After many years of family fun our clients have employed talented local architects and craftsman for a ground up rebuild of their cherished beach front cottage

Installation of custom cabinetry begins in the cottage with careful coordination between Cabinets Plus and all the trades on site

Our experienced installer makes light work of a modest size kitchen, appliances are arriving soon and counter top installation is right around the corner

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

East Hampton - Traditional

Water damage claimed most of the interior of this East Hampton residence

Rough framing was painted with a mildecide to prevent mold growth as required by the health department

New tile floors have been protected by a highly conciencous general contractor in preperation for cabinet delivery
Cabinetry has been staged for installation to commence

East Marion - Modern

Following a mid winters pipe rupture this residence lost a 30 year old contemporary kitchen

All major appliances were rendered useless.  A new plan was in the works, our clients were eager to get life back to how they knew it

 Through careful planning the existing marble floors were kept in tact and the layout was determined by the existing flooring

Stainless appliances and polished marble floors compliment the  high gloss modern door style in this beautifully designed waterfront estate

Look for the finished product once the install and granite has been completed